Starting Strength Vs Stronglifts: Which one should you opt for?

Hitting the gym is a no easy task, and this is the reason why most people seek to learn more on what the different exercises entail and which ones are best for their needs. For many, it has been quite difficult deciding on either starting strength or stronglifts.

In most of the discussions on starting strength vs stronglifts, you barely get to know which one is the best. Let me ease your worries by listing the fine bits you need to know about the starting strength and stronglifts. This will take you a long way.

How can you define a Starting Strength?

The simple way to define starting strength is that they are a range of physical exercises. What is special about these physical exercises is that they specialize in the utilization of resistance to enhance muscle contraction. The muscular contraction then leads to a build-up of strength as well as the size of skeletal muscles.

What are Stronglifts?

This is one of the very popular strength training programs. The stronglifts 5*5 is the most popular of the training programs involved in stronglifts. There are several exercises which you are expected to perform such as about 5 multijoint barbell lift every week, bench press, deadlift, bent-over row, squats and overhead press.

You can decide to do them all at the same time, or you and your gym instructor can work on a schedule where you will be having the workouts as planned. The later gives better results.

Differences between the Starting Strength and Stronglifts


Both of them normally focus on compound lifts, but the exercises you will encounter with the two are different. Both routines have overhead presses, bench presses, squats and deadlifts but you will only find power cleans in starting strengths and barbell rows only in stronglifts

Rep counts

This is the major difference between the two. The amount of reps specific for each set of routines varies. The prescription for the stronglifts states that one should have 5 sets of 5 reps just as the name stronglifts 5*5 indicates. On the other hand, the prescription for the starting strength indicates that one should perform 3 sets of 5 reps.

Which one of the two is the best?

After a careful consideration, stronglifts 5*5 are the simplest workouts which will help you build your muscles as well as gain weight. They are quite popular globally especially for people who desire to alter their bodies into the best forms in the most natural way.

What to expect after performing the stronglifts 5*5

More strength

With the exercises regarded as the stronglifts 5*5, you will be lifting more weight than what other people lift. The energy you gain can easily be transferable to other activities requiring physical energy such as lifting heavy objects.

Muscle increment

The main purpose of workouts is to enhance muscle increment. The stronglifts 5*5 will just serve you right with that. If you engage in continuous training throughout the year, you are likely to gain lean muscle which is up to 24 lb. The stronglifts are also ideal for an individual who intends to regain lost muscle.

Fat reduction

Stronglifts are a good way to shed the extra calories. Your effort of lifting heavier weights will pay off since you will burn a lot of calories in your body and also enhance muscle recovery. The heavier the weights you lift, the higher your metabolism will be. Ensure that you have your meals right and with the workouts, you will not stand the risk of having a calorie build up.

Enhanced endurance

The stronger your muscles are, the more likely they will be strong for quite a long time. You can also perform tasks which require a lot of energy with so much ease and within a very short time span.

Improved health

The more you engage in stronglift workouts, the healthier you will get. This is because the workouts will boost your immunity and at the same time decrease the cholesterol levels in your body. They will also retain your blood pressure to the right level and reduce the stress level. The stronglifts will also make you less prone to heart diseases.


I hope that the puzzle on the topic about starting strength vs stronglifts has now been solved after you have read the article. With that knowledge, you can simply select the one that will best suit your needs for you to achieve that perfect body in the long run.

For starting strength, you will be spoilt for choice due to the wide range of instructional materials you can access compared to the strong lifts. I prefer the stronglifts due to the wide range of benefits one is bound to accrue from them in the long run. All you will need is commitment and persistence.

If you work smart, the stronglifts 5*5 before and after will show you a major improvement. Leave a comment and let us know your opinions on starting strength vs. stronglifts. If you need to ask any question regarding the content of the article, feel free to ask, and you can be sure to get a reply.

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