Power Snatch vs Snatch: Which is More Effective?


We all know how effective weightlifting is. It not only makes us stronger, but it also makes us more physically capable of achieving more things in life. It’s not just a pure exercise, but it’s also more of a physical and mental conditioning. One of the best weightlifting techniques is the power snatch and the regular snatch.

But most people confuse the two to be the other. So what exactly is the different between the two, and where do you need them? In this article, we’re going to talk about power snatch vs snatch, and learn which is more effective between the two.

What is a Power Snatch?

What is a Power Snatch

The power snatch is a way to do weight lifting which focuses more on one perfectly coordinated execution. However, what makes this different from the regular snatch is that this is done with continuous movement and dazzling speed. In doing a power snatch, you need to make sure that your grip is wide enough for you to be able to do a partial squat.

How to do a power snatch?

Doing a power snatch is not that easy. It’s a weightlifting variant that experts usually choose to do. In executing it, bring the bar close to your shins and then do a wide grip as you take hold of the bar. Your feet must be beneath your hips.

Lower your hips down as your chest and your head is faced forward. Your shoulders must also be right in front of the bar. Pull it up by driving your heels into the ground. The back angle should be maintained until the bar goes beyond your knees.

Then do another pull, this time by extending your body using your knees, hips, and ankles. Drive the bar in a swift manner. Once you’ve stretched your body up to maximum, slowly shrug your shoulders and flex your elbows to your sides.

Transition your stance into a receiving position while pulling your body beneath the bar. You’re also elevating at the same time you’re doing this. Then return to the starting position where the weight is above you.

Benefits of Doing a Power Snatch


What’s great about power snatches is that it helps you improve your explosive power. It’s because of the swift lifting move that you do in each repetition. Aside from that, this also enables you to have a higher vertical jump, making you more athletic. It’s very useful especially if you’re into basketball.

What is a Snatch?


Then there’s the regular snatch where you simply need to lift the barbell off the floor and bring it above your head. This execution is done in a single action, so you need to have a lot of upper body strength for you to do this.

Benefits of Doing a Snatch


Doing snatches has similar benefits when you’re doing the power snatches. The only different thing about it is that this focuses on the overall strengthening of your body. It’s through this that you can have quicker reflexes because your muscles and joints are accustomed to carrying out swift carrying motions. These snatches also make you run faster, because of the conditioned muscles and joints in your legs. It’s because of this that you become a more athletic person.

How to do a snatch?

First separate your feet at shoulder width distance, while the barbell is above you. Give a clean and firm grip on the barbell with your palms facing down. Lower down your hips as your body drops. Your starting position would be similar to just like you’re going to sit on a chair.

Push the floor while you’re starting to lift the barbell near your legs. When the bar is already near the middle portion of your legs, slowly push down your legs to the floor. Then lift up your body in a swift and strong motion.

You then want to lift up your shoulders as you shrug the bar behind you. Position your elbows on your sides and do your best to keep the bar above you for a few seconds or as long as you can.

When the barbell already reached the highest point, you then want to lower down your body beneath the barbell. Do this in a fast and powerful move. Then reposition yourself to the squatting position.

Rise from your squatting position and finish lifting it. Your feet should be aligned with each other where your arms are stretched out.

Which is Better?


Comparing the two is a bit difficult to do because they have very similar ways of execution. However, if you’re still new to weightlifting, it’s recommended that you first do the snatches or the regular snatches. This is because it’s simpler to execute and it isn’t that hard to do, compared to the advanced techniques and superior muscular strength you should have in doing the power snatches.

It just depends on you. If you’ve already raked in a lot of weightlifting experience, and if you feel that you are capable of taking on heavier weights in a more challenging way, and then feel free to do power snatches.



Weightlifting is indeed a very effective way to become stronger, agiler, and have better endurance. It’s through this that you can improve your body’s overall strength. By doing power snatches and regular snatches, and knowing the difference between these two weight lifting exercises, you can become better in conditioning your body.

You’ll know which to use if you want to have a higher vertical leap, or if you want to prioritize your running capabilities. In the end, it’s worth it to try doing these two weight lifting exercises, because these are specifically made to make you a better and stronger person.

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