Muscle Milk vs Whey Protein: Which is the best option for you?


Having a balanced diet is one of the key things that will get you feeling healthy and energetic. At the same time, it will enhance the general growth and development of your body. Muscle milk vs whey protein are some of the sources of concentrated proteins which have low-calorie content.

The problem comes in when want to either use muscle milk or rely on whey protein alone. This will automatically bring back the muscle milk vs. whey protein topic into the limelight. If you have also been wondering about which product to use between muscle milk and whey protein, then please read on and get to know about the two products better.

You will know any distinct traits that will help you choose one over the other. Here is a video that you can watch to give you more insight regarding this topic.

1. Muscle Milk

Muscle milk is an excellent milk supplement which you will find in almost every store in your neighborhood. It has great ingredients, but there are some which make people doubt how good it is for the health of human beings.

Is muscle milk good for your health?

Muscle Milk is not all that healthy as it seems to be for your health. It has a lot of saturated fats which are not good for your health. Excessive fat intake could make you prone to heart diseases. It also has additives such as the artificial sweeteners which do not appeal to most people.

These sweeteners will most likely affect the bacteria which are located in the gut and also make you prone to certain diseases. In women, the risks associated with the artificial sweeteners could get into the breast milk such that their effects could be transferred to your baby which is quite dangerous.

Muscle milk may also trigger certain allergies in some people. This is because it does not contain real milk, but instead, it has derivatives of milk such as casein products which are the main triggering agents of the allergic reactions. This allergic reaction can be classified as a food allergy.

The kidneys are a very sensitive part of our bodies since they play a vital role in the excretion process. This means that we also have to take good care of them so that they can function appropriately. For patients with kidney complications, their protein requirements do vary.

Muscle milk has a lot of proteins which when metabolized and flushed through the kidneys may subject the kidneys to too much work which can strain them. If you are a patient with kidney complications, it is only right that you consume sufficient water to help the kidneys to flush out the excess protein.

2. Whey Protein

Milk and Whey


Whey protein is made up of proteins which have been isolated from whey during the cheese production process. During the cheese manufacturing process, there is that liquid part that is left during cheese production. That is what we refer to as whey.

In the past, cheese manufacturers barely knew the value of whey, and so they used to discard it. In its natural form, it has a terrible taste, and that is the reason why it is flavored. It is ideal for body builders and those who are passionate about workouts since it helps in boosting energy.

You have to be cautious about its ingredients since some additives could be harmful to your body such as the refined sugar.

Is whey protein good for your body?

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. Whey proteins have proteins in abundance, and that is why it has some health benefits which will make you want to make whey protein a part of your everyday diet. Here are some of the health benefits that will please you beyond any reasonable doubts.

Plays a significant role in stress management

After a long day's stressful work, I am sure you get to your house with a dire need to relieve off your stress. A massage could seem to be the best option, but you cannot access it every other time. This is the part where whey protein comes in handy.

Whey protein causes an alteration in the brain serotonin which will keep you in a better mood and reduce your stress levels. When the massage parlor seems too far, or it's that bad time of the month when you can barely afford to get yourself a massage at the parlor, let some whey protein serve you.

Reduce hunger

If you have just come from a workout that drained off so much of your energy and left you feeling extremely hungry, whey milk is the ideal deal for you. This protein shake will keep you feeling full as it has a hormone that will always give your brain the thought that you are hungry almost four hours later.

Whenever you feel hungry, get some protein shake which is healthier compared to eating some unhealthy snack.

Helps in fighting cancer

Cancer is one of the many dangerous diseases which have affected so many people, either directly or indirectly. It is always said that prevention is better than cure. It is better to take preventive measures against cancer since its effects leave many extremely shaken.

Whey protein helps in fighting certain forms of cancer such as the colon and prostate cancer.

Distinct Differences between Muscle Milk and Whey Protein

Muscle milk

Whey protein

Calorie content

Muscle milk has a calorie content of 180.

Whey protein has a calorie content of 120


- Has several protein content including concentrates and casein.

- Contains 20-25g of pure protein per serving.

- Has different quantities of hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate proteins.

- Contains 25g of pure protein in each serving


Not so much versatile

Quite versatile


After a careful consideration, whey protein seems to have won this muscle milk vs. whey protein fight fairly and squarely. You can now comfortably choose the one that suits your needs best. As you do so, put your health into consideration.

Do not by any chance consume a product that will compromise your health. Leave a comment on the article and let us know which product between the muscle milk and whey protein you find to be the best and the reason(s) why. If any issue was not clear, feel free to inquire, and I will be glad to offer assistance.

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