Who else wants to know How to get thicker Wrists?


Have you in the recent past noticed your arm getting thinner around your wrist area? Does it concern you? Well, I found myself in the same situation a few months ago and I really got bothered with this sudden body change. I immediately wanted to know how to get thicker wrists again.

Nobody becomes unconcerned about their body changes. You could be in the exact same situation I was in not so long ago. But how do you get your wrists thicker once more? Could there be some exercises that you could engage in to get your body back?

In this article, I’ve put together everything that you need to do to get thicker writs. Are you ready to walk this route? Well, here we go.

How to get thicker wrists

There is no rocket science when it comes to weight again around the wrist area. You only need to identify the right form of exercise that encourages flexibility and strength of muscles in your wrist. After that is done, what then remains is commitment to the exercise schedule.


It is that easy! Below are some of the ways on how to get thicker wrists. Getting your wrists thick majorly entails working on wrist muscles accompanied with regular wrist stretching.

Work on your Wrist Muscles

There are numerous ways to enhance your wrist muscles. Through this, you can actually make your wrists thicker. So what are some of the exercise you can engage in to improve on your wrist muscles? Take a look:

Use of wrist rollers

Wrist rollers are so common in the gyms but it’s quite a simple gadget that you can even make on your own for home use. Why should you scramble for the few ones in your local gym when you can make your own? The wrist roller exercise is simple and challenging at the same time but effective when it comes to building your forearm’s strength.


The short wrist roller bars with weights hanging from their centers increase wrist muscles from the backward and up exercises. Try it out and you’ll find it quite effective.

Stop over-reliance on wrist straps

Excessive use of wrist straps to help cushion the weights you are lifting might prove counter-productive in this journey to having thicker wrists. You should instead minimize the weights you are about to lift and in the process eliminate the straps altogether.


Curls using a fat and straight bar

Besides curls helping your biceps, they also make sure that your forearms are strengthened. As you do the bicep curls, ensure that your wrists are kept straight. This helps build strength around your wrists. 

You can use either straight or fat bars to do wrist curls with an aim of strengthening your wrists and hands in general. Just hold the bar over your hands then flex your wrist at the curl station as the bar comes up. Repeat the process severally changing to under-hand grip from time to time.

Try knuckle push-ups

Knuckle push-ups is a sure way of stabilizing and strengthening your forearms and by extension your wrists. When you want to thicken your wrists, you should avoid the normal flat-handed push-ups that can stress your wrists before resulting into stiffness and soreness instead.


Will you have helped yourself or created more problems instead? As you do the push-ups, keep your wrist solid and straight for the best results.

Stretch your Wrists

By just simply stretching your wrists, you could make them thicker. But what are some of the ways through which you could stretch your wrists? This is the question that could be running through your mind now. Well, read along to get to know the secrets.

Make radial trainings and wrist extensions your thing

Wrist extension is a simpler way of increasing the flexibility of the forearm muscles that are connected to the wrist. Doing the wrist extensions gradually and consistently will surely increase the sizes of your wrists. It did magic to my wrists.

The back of your forearm should rest on a table with your palms facing up as the hand is aligned to the arm. A lightweight is then placed on the hand before being lowered towards the floor. Do this repeatedly.

The radial trainings are what we do get subjected to after wrist injuries. They are more or less like wrist extensions only that now there is change of direction and can be done at home as well. Unlike wrist extensions, radial training lightweights are tilted upwards before lowering down.

Carry out wrist releases

After every wrist exercise, stretch them through what is known as releases to minimize the possibility of soreness or injury. Do this by placing one hand on the back of the other which is flexed to the wrist. Add some pressure to the hand as you increase the angle by lowering the forearm


Do you now know how to get thicker wrists? The process of getting thicker wrists doesn’t just happen overnight. It calls for a lot of patience. You shouldn’t expect your wrists to be thicker after just a few exercises. You need to be consistent in whatever you do for the best results.

The above processes worked so well for me. I hope the same will happen to you. In case of any questions, always hit on me. Remember to share the information with others.

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