How to Get Rid of Fat Knees Knowing the Best Ways


We all want to look our best because it’s through this that we become confident of ourselves. And it’s in confidence that we can achieve greater things in our life. As far-fetched as it sounds, this is the reality.

Now, there are a lot of ways where we can look good. We can work out in the gym, lose some weight, and develop muscles. Or perhaps eat a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Though these are useful ways to look good, we still cannot deny the fact that doing these things isn’t that effective when it comes to having fat knees.

It’s because you need to be more specific on what you need to do to eliminate those “unpleasant-looking” clumps of fat around your knees. Good thing you’ve found this article because we’re going to teach you how to get rid of fat knees. For sure, this article will change your life for good.

What You Will Need

1. Determination

Determination Get Rid of Fat Knees

The first thing you’re going to need is something intangible because it’s all got to do with your mindset. Having a determined mindset is a very important necessity if you want to get rid of your fat knees. Fat knees happen because of the accumulated fat in your body, which is caused by over-indulgence in fatty food or lack of exercise and physical activity.

Though you can just go ahead, hit the gym, and follow a strict carb-free diet, it’s very likely that you won’t continue with it in the long run if you don’t have determination. Having determination is what keeps you motivated. It is what inspires you to continue what you have started.

It is the one who pushes you forward to pursue what you like to do, in this case – getting rid of your fat knees. So just set your mind to it, and expect that there’s going to be a challenging road ahead. In the end, it’ll be worth it.

2. Proper Diet

Proper Diet Get Rid of Fat Knees

The number one reason why you have fat knees is probably that of your diet. Eating too much fast food, high-caloric foods, processed goods, and dishes that are prepared with bottled dressings and sauces are the ones that initiate unnecessary fat buildup in your body.

By avoiding these kinds of food and resorting to healthier ones such as vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, and unsaturated fat, you can reduce the chances of having fat knees. And if ever you already have one, there’ll be sure to be gone in no time. Just be sure to pair your healthy diet with an active lifestyle to speed up your metabolism process.

3. Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment Get Rid of Fat Knees

When it comes to getting rid of the fat buildup around your knees or any part of your body, you need to see to it that you’re living a healthy and active lifestyle. What this means is that you must use your muscles, sweat a lot, and burn up some calories through exercising.

Though you can exercise by playing sports such as basketball, badminton or whatever sport, it still doesn’t compare to the efficiency of using gym exercise equipment. These equipment are specifically designed to focus on burning the fat on your lower body, especially the part around your legs.

Treadmills and stationary bicycles are the best in burning up the fat on your legs, thighs, and knees because you use constant force on your legs. You can also use an elliptical to target not just your legs and knees, but your upper body as well. Using resistance bands is also effective as it requires you to exert more effort in exercising, thus speeding up the process of burning knee fats.

4. Time to Exercise

Time to Exercise Get Rid of Fat Knees

Let’s face it, this world that we’re living in is a busy world where we are usually preoccupied with our work and other matters. Because of this, we forget about ourselves and our welfare. If you want to get rid of fat knees, you need to make time for yourself. See to it that you have time to exercise and workout every day. It doesn’t need for your workout to take long.

You can even hit the stationary bicycle for as quick as only 30 minutes per day. Remember, if you want to get rid of your fat knees, you need to have discipline – lots of it.

5. Knowledge on What to Do

Knowledge on What to Do Get Rid of Fat Knees

Each of the tips and advice mentioned in this article is effective, but they would be useless if you don’t know what to do. Thus, you need to have the knowledge and information on what you should do and how the things you’ve prepared will be of use to you. Continue reading because we’re going to tell you just that.

Step-by-Step Process

Step #1: Squats

The first thing you need to do in getting rid of your fat knees is to do squats. This is the most effective exercise because it focuses on your lower body, especially on your knees which get bent every time you perform a squat. To do this, you first need to stand up straight. Your chest should be popped out. Then position your feet in a shoulder-width gap.

Slowly stretch out your hands in front of you. This will give you balance later on. Imagine that there’s an invisible chair below you, and then sit back and down. As you do this, your head should be facing at your front as your body is bent forward. Feel the muscles in your thighs exert effort in carrying your weight.

When you do this, see to it that the thighs become parallel to the floor. Your knees should also be above the ankles. Your heels would then absorb your weight’s pressure. When you feel that you’ve reached the maximum, slowly rise back up to the starting position.

Step #2: Cycling

Your squats should have then fired you up. What you’re going to do next is to take on cycling. You can do this by using a regular bike or a stationary bicycle. The trick here is not to be content in just sitting down while cruising. You need to make it a bit more challenging for you. You can try lowering down the gear so your knees and legs would find it more challenging to step on the pedal.

Put it in the lowest gear possible. When 15 minutes have passed, switch up your position and stand while pedaling. This will speed up the burning of fat around your knees and legs. Aside from that, it also nurtures the buildup of muscle mass on your lower body. Once you feel exhausted, get back to sitting position until you’ve recharged enough energy to hit up the standing cycling-style once more.

Step #3: Sprinting

When you’re done with the cycling stage, what you need to do next is to sprint. Sprinting is a very effective way to lose body fat and not just those around your knees. Now that you’ve already gained enough lower body support from cycling sprinting wouldn’t be that difficult for you. First, try sprinting for 50 meters. Do three to five laps.

When your speed increase over those five laps, you can then work your way up to 300 meters and then 500 meters eventually. Sprinting releases Human Growth Hormone which speeds up the process of burning fat, due to the improved metabolism your body experiences.

Step #4: Lunges

Lunges would then be fairly easy for you by this time. To do this, stand up straight and focus on something in front of you. This is where you’re going to look at. Put your right leg forward and lower down your hips. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Your front knee must be a few inches above your ankle. Your knee should never touch the floor. When you’ve reached the near-kneeling position, slowly rise back up to the starting stance.

Step #5: Walking Hills and Stepping on Stairs

By this time, you’ve most likely noticed that your knees aren’t that fat anymore. This is the perfect time for you to try it out yourself. Go on hiking adventure and try walking up through hills. You can also continuously step up and down through the stairs. This will help in the consistency of your knee fat-burning goal.

You can also check out this video to learn more:


With all of these being said, there is no doubt that you’ll be losing those fats around your knees in no time. All of the tips and steps mentioned in this article have been proven by experts and professionals which are they’ll surely be effective whatever your situation may be.

It’s very important to get rid of fat knees because it’s through this that you gain better balance, stability, and body strength. You can move easier, you’ll be more athletic and agile, and you can perform exercises in an easier way. Plus you’re less likely to sustain injuries! Getting rid of fat knees is beneficial in a lot of ways than you can ever imagine.

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