How to Build a Pull Up Bar Outside: Knowing the Proper Way


Working out is one of the best ways to improve your body’s endurance, durability, and overall well-being. It’s through doing exercises and making your body physically active that you feel better about yourself. You feel lighter, stronger, and happier with your body.

But we all know how big of a hassle it is to regularly go to the gym, drive your way through it, and then get back again to your home. But worry not, because, in this article, we’re going to teach you how to build a pull-up bar outside your house.

What You Will Need

Posts and Bar Tubes


The first things you’re going to need are the post and bar. For the post, its size depends on your height. But the usual post height you need is around 10 to 11 feet. The same goes for the bar – make sure that it can accommodate your shoulder width. You also need to see to it that it’s made of high-quality metal, so it doesn’t break easily. The thickness of the steel tube should be around 33 millimeters in diameter. There should also be welded brackets and mounting cups included in it.

Bolts and Washers


You need to have bolts and washers as these are going to be used as the ones that will connect your steel rods to the posts and bars later on. Choose the bolts which are self-tapping so that it’ll be easier for you to install them later on. It would also be better if you get the 10 mm thick washers.

Concrete and Gravel


Prepare six to ten bags of concrete that is already ready mixed. It should have a fine and smooth texture so that it’ll be easy to apply them later on. Also, prepare a small bag of gravel. You’re just going to use a handful of it, so you don’t want to get a lot of them.



Having paint is also important. You want to have two types of paint, fence paint, and red oxide paint. You’re going to use the fence point to make the posts stronger, while the red oxide paint will be used to prevent rusting on the metal and steel bars.

Paint Brush


Prepare a paint brush that has a thick texture. You want it to be thick so that you can easily apply the paint on the surface’s body later on. Choose a paint brush that isn’t too heavy. You want it to be light so you can be comfortable in using it.

Rod or Broom Handle


Also, prepare a long rod or a broom handle. Make sure that it is strong and durable and that it wouldn’t easily break. You want something that can carry your weight when you hook your hands up on it later on.

It should also have a smooth and clean surface without holes or unnecessary rough textures on it so that it’ll be comfortable to hold. You’re going to need this as a stirring device later as you’ll mix the postcrete with water. So make sure that it’s also long enough.

Tape Measure and Drill


Get yourself a tape measure. You surely don’t want to have wrong measurements when you create the pull-up bar later on! You also need to have a drill. Any drill will do, but it would be better if you’d get two kinds of them, one is a 9 mm drill while the other one has a 10 mm drill.

The Step-by-Step Process

Step #1

The first thing you need to do in making your outdoor pull-up bar is to mark the spot. You want to mark the spot on the ground where you’ll be placing your pull up bar. Make sure that it is a place which is not that hot or too cold. You don’t want to get sunburn or at the same time freeze during the winter months. Use a marker to mark that spot.

Then dig square holes on the ground. The measurement will be 10 x 10 inches. Ensure the marks are located right in the middle of the holes. The holes must be around 3 to 4 feet deep so that the 10 feet posts can fit inside it. You need to be careful in estimating its size because the soil can easily mess up your measurements especially if it’s too loose or too fine.

Step #2

Get the gravel you’ve prepared earlier and used two to three inches of it on the holes. Pour it down on the holes. This will improve the water drainage and at the same time prevent the rotting of the wood. It’s at this stage that you want the height of the posts to be the same, so you need to do estimation while doing it.

When you’re done doing it, start to paint the post using the fence paint. You can also use a wood preserver so that it doesn’t rot when it constantly gets soaked by rain water. Then place the posts in the hole. You want to have extra hands to carry it right straight to the hole.

Step #3

After that, you then need to pour a bag of dry Postcrete on the holes you’ve made earlier. Make sure that they are level with each other. Re-check it now and then because there’s a tendency for Postcrete to either sink or elevate when exposed to air. Then add water to the postcrete to liquefy it. Use the broom handle or rod to mix the water with the postcrete.

Stir it properly until it starts to mix up with the substance evenly. Re-check the posts and make sure they’re aligned. It takes some time for the postcrete to dry up. Sometimes, it takes 10 to 15 minutes. Then mix the concrete and use the mixture to fill up the hole. Level it off, and fixate the bar into it. It might take around one to two days for it to finally set into permanence.

Step #4

Once it’s all set and dried, you then need to measure the distance between the upper portions of the posts. It’s where you want to set the bar later on. Get the bar you’ve prepared earlier and clean it thoroughly. You want to make sure that it’s free from blemishes. Remember, the bar is freshly made from a local merchant of steel or a steel or metal fabricator, which is why it might still be fresh and not yet ready for use.

Though it’s made by professionals, you still need to check it double. Soak it in water and wash it using soap and see if there are bubbles that will appear on the water. You want it to be as clean as it could be.

Step #5

Once you’ve done doing the initial cleaning process, you then need to paint it. Use the red oxide paint and apply it using a paint brush to the pull-up bar. This is a very important process because this is the one that will enable your bar to stand the tests of time. It will also help it prevent rusting, which is why this is a necessity.

Once you’re done prepping it up, slowly remove the bar and drill it up with 3.5 to 4-inch markings. The length should be the same with the bolt threads. You can use the 9 mm drill bit to take on the 10 mm bolt. In using the drill bit, make sure that it is properly aligned with the bolt so that it wouldn’t twist and zigzag its way through the metal bar.

Step #6

Now that everything’s looking good and nice, now is the time for you to finally do the finishing bits. Wind in the bolts and the washers into place. You want to do this slowly and carefully so that your pull up bar would be strong and sturdy. As you’re doing this, also wind in the washers together with the spanner. This will fix the bar in place. Then there you have it, you’ve just made your own homemade outdoor pull-up bar!


With all of these being said, it isn’t that difficult to build your pull up bar. You just need to have the right technical know-how, matched with the determination to finish the job and have the ideal body that we all deserve.

By simply preparing the materials needed and following the instructions stated in this article, there’s no doubt that you’ll be doing pull ups in the comfort of your house, specifically in your garden. It’s surely fun to know that you don’t need to go to the gym because your pull up bar is just outside.

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