How Long Does Pre Workout Stay in Your System? Everything You Need to Know


Working Out is always good as it helps as to stay fit and healthy. However, workouts usually require a lot of physical strength, endurance, and motivation if you are to succeed at doing your workouts regularly. This is where the various pre workout supplements will come in. They enable you to tackle your workout goals by keeping you energized before workouts. If you are taking pre-workout supplements, it’s not so strange to wonder, “How long does pre workout last in your system?

Pre workout supplements enhance your performance when you are working out by enabling your body to be able to combat physical resistance. These supplements are made with stimulants that will positively influence your brain and your muscular system. Supplements also increase the distribution of blood cells and oxygen to your muscles.

You will, therefore, be able to push through the obstacles that you will face when working out; the physical and mental obstacles.

How long will Pre Workout Last in Your System?

There are several variables that will affect how long the pre workout supplement that you are taking will last in your system. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that come into play to determine how long a pre workout supplement taken lasts in the system.

1, Type and Quality of the Supplement

How-Long-Does-Pre-Workout-Stay-in-Your-SystemThere are several types of pre workout supplements. Therefore, each one is likely to have a different duration and effect on your system. For example, you can take a scoop of a particular pre workout supplement and benefit from improved strength and endurance that can last for hours, while for another pre workout supplement; you won’t feel any buzz or placebo effect of similar degree.

Pre workout supplements that contain beta-alanine and caffeine usually last for an hour or two. However, if you take pre workout supplements that contain nitric oxide or creatine, you will feel a multitude of benefits that will last for hours. Therefore, the ingredient of your supplement product will determine how long you will feel the effects in your body.

2, Dosage

How-Long-Does-Pre-Workout-Stay-in-Your-System-DosageThe amount of supplement you take at a particular time will also determine how long its effects will last in your system. For example, if you take 500mg of your supplements instead of 200mg of the same, the effects will be longer and of higher intensity.

However, this should not be an excuse for you to increase your dosage beyond the limit that is recommended by the manufacturer. You should, therefore, follow the recommendations that are labeled on the packaging of your supplement product.

3, Your Diet

How-Long-Does-Pre-Workout-Stay-in-Your-System-Your-DietYour diet also affects how long the pre workout supplement you are taking will last in your system. If you eat a heavy meal, your body will be fully occupied with digesting the food. If you take your pre workout supplement after eating heavily, you won’t feel most of the positive effects.

If you also don’t eat enough food, your body may feel the effects of the supplements at a much stronger intensity. However, it is recommended that you should not eat less so that you can increase the effects of the supplements on your body. If you are malnourished and you take a pre workout supplement, you are likely to feel nausea and headaches. You might also have digestive distress.

4, Weight and Muscle Mass

How-Long-Does-Pre-Workout-Stay-in-Your-System-Weight-and-Muscle-MassYour unique physiological trait will also play a role in how long the pre workout supplements will work in your body. If you have a solid body mass and you weigh over 200 pounds, you will have to take a higher dose as compared to someone who weighs less. This is because your body will need more stimulants to produce the same effects if you have a large body mass as compared to someone with a low body mass.

5, Fatigue

The reason why you take pre workout supplements is to get more enthusiasm and energy you need for your workout. However, if you are fatigued, you are likely to feel the effects of your pre workout supplement for a short time and in low intensity. You should, therefore, not expect to get any miraculous buzz after several nights of partying.

Benefits of Taking Pre Workout Supplements

Most pre workout supplest are always taken around 30 minutes before workouts. People who take pre workout supplements can work out for longer, hence realizing positive changes in their physique within short periods. Here are some of the benefits of taking pre workout supplements.

  • Improved stamina

Taking pre workout supplements will improve your body’s ability to endure physical resistance. You will, therefore, be able to train for extended periods of time. You will reap better results faster.

  • Boosts Your Energy

Supplements will boost your energy levels. This will help to fight off the fatigue that may prevent you from working out for as long as you would like to.

  • Increased Muscle Strength

Pre workout supplements will increase your muscle strength. This will enable you to work for longer hence allowing you to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Improved Muscle Pumps

Pre workout supplements increase blood flow to the muscles. This will improve the activity and performance of your muscles since they will be receiving a lot of oxygen and nutrients. The size gain in your muscle will also improve due to the increased muscle activities.

The Take-Away

How long does pre workout stay in your system? Most pre workout supplements usually last for about one hour or two hours. However, there are several factors that can reduce or increase the duration that the pre workout supplements will be effective in your system. These factors include the quality of the supplement, your diet, your weight and fatigue.

In recap, pre workout supplements are essential. This is because they will effectively help you to work out for longer by increasing both your mental and physical strength. Pre workout supplements also increase your endurance. Therefore, before you train, ensure that you take these supplements 20 to 30 minutes before the workout sessions.


  1. Pre workout supplement and right diet is awesome to get you going for almost anything!! I’ve gotten great gym training results from the great pump it gives you.

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