How Big Can You Get Without Steroids? Learn the Facts


The Outright Answer

Here is a breakdown of how big one can get considering the height

An individual with a height of 5.8 inches to 6.0 inches ectomorph can get big naturally with only the right workouts and proper diet. Such people can increase weight to 200 lbs in the least and 220 lbs at most. If you range here, this means that you are skinny. We could say that for you to get to the 200 lbs, you would need some faith, hope and more so, divine intervention

If you have an ectomorph that is longer than 6 inches, this means that genetically, you have low-fat content in your body. If you range here, the chances are that you will also get to 240 lbs. You have better chances compared to someone whose ectomorph is 6 inches or below, but you will still have to work harder.

For someone who has an endomorph which is over 6” tall, this one is husky and naturally stronger. This one can get to 250 lbs especially if his body is not made up of over 20 percent.


Tips to Help You with Your Muscle Building Task

  • Throughout the lifetime of every human being, there is the maximum number of pounds you can gain. For females, the number of pounds gained ranges between twenty to twenty-five pounds, unlike men who are likely to gain forty to forty-five pounds. This is far much higher than that of women.
  • Patience is key in the muscle build-up process. Basically, it would take you up to five years of proper training and diet for you to attain your full potential of muscularity


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