Half Rack Vs Full Rack: Which one wins the battle between the two?


Weight training has become very popular of late. Everyone wants to show off their bodies and brag about how much work they have put in to get to where they are. They all say, “It has not been a smooth journey.” I am sure that all you hear is so much fuss about half rack vs. full rack. If you have plans to set up your own gym at home, here is what you need to know about the half rack vs. full rack.

A Simple Description of the Full Rack and Half Rack

Both of them serve the same purpose. The two are a must have for a weight training station. They are essential for free weight barbell exercises, bench presses and squats. An adjustable bench can be used with both racks if bench presses are part of your daily work out. Another name for the full rack is a power rack.

There is only a very slight variation between the two, and that is what makes people to prefer one to the other. The full rack has four upright bars whose purpose is to surround the barbell and safety bars at its bottom.

Half racks, on the other hand, do not have upright bars to enclose the barbell. Instead, the barbell is used at the front of the rack. There are manufacturers who include safety arms in their models to prevent a failed rep from causing trouble.

Half Rack

Benefits You Accrue from Choosing a Half Rack

Suitable for a house that is not roomy

Considering the fact that a half rack does not have the four upright bars, it occupies less space compared to a full rack. If you are in dire need to set up a gym in your house yet it is not roomy; you can choose a half rack and still have more room to move around.

Cost considerations

You can get a half rack at a cheaper cost since it has few frame sections. The cost of shipping it will be cheaper too. This might not be the case with all half racks since the best quality needs to be heavier to enhance their stability. Due to this, their overall cost, inclusive of shipping cost will be higher.

Moving the bar

If a time comes and you need to move to another place, or you just want to switch the location of your rack, or you need to do some exercises outside the rack by using the pull up bar outside, a half rack will be easier to move compared to the full rack. There are several concrete reasons as to why this is the case.

First, the full rack is way too heavy, unlike the half rack.  Also, you have to completely unload the bar which is quite a task. Due to the weight of the bars, you might end up hurting yourself of hitting something which could turn out to be ugly.

Enticing Facts that Will Leave You Drooling For a Full Rack: Safety

Full Rack

The four upright bars installed on a full rack are not just there for the sake. This enhances the stability of the rack hence assuring you of your safety as you go about your workouts. In case you accidentally fall backward or forward, the bars will support the rack from tipping over and also the barbell will not leave the rack.

If this happened, the mess caused would be terrible. You have to agree that this assurance of your safety is far much better compared to using the half rack. If something happened and some great force is exerted on the half rack, it would undisputedly topple over, and the barbell would also stray from the rack if you fell and lost control of it.

The way the latter sounds, someone could end up with a broken leg or neck. The main reason why this is the case is because the frame components of the half rack are way too few thus its weight is less.

The other reason why you may choose to have a power rack in your gym is that it can hold the barbell. This is because they are fitted with safety bars. Its frame components are just ideal for that since they are strong enough, beefier and extend out a couple of feet. Talking about safety, the full rack is the ideal choice.

Final Verdict

Deciding on a half rack vs. full rack is no simple task. You need to put very many factors into consideration. Now that you know the bare facts regarding both of them, I am certain it won’t be so hard for you to make the right decision. You need to beware of your safety and the room available.

Personally, I would choose the half rack but get a high-quality one. I had better pay more but get a half rack that has just enough weight to prevent it from toppling over. With weight training, you must have the endurance to minimize the chances of hurting yourself. For a starter, the full rack is ideal.

Leave a comment on the article and let us know which one between the two is your selection. Do not leave out the reason that made you choose that particular one. In case you feel the need to make an inquiry, feel free to ask and an answer you shall get.

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