Fitbit Blaze vs Garmin Vivoactive: Which is Better?

Fitbit Blaze vs Garmin Vivoactive

In a time where technology thrives, we can’t help but grab the opportunity presented to us. For it is in this opportunity that we can improve our standard of living. Though technology sure has its negative effects on us, the positive things still outweigh it. And one good example that proves this is fitness watches.

Fitbit Blaze and Garmin Vivoactive are two of the most popular fitness watches being sold in the market. But which one is better? In this article, we’re going to examine each watch’s features. It’s a Fitbit Blaze vs Garmin Vivoactive review this time!

The Deal with Fitness Watches

Fitbit-Blaze-vs-Garmin-Vivoactive-The-Deal-with-Fitness-Watches.jpgWe are now living in a time where our health is of vital importance to us. And it’s because of this that the need for us to have fitness watches increases. What are these fitness watches? Well, they’re watches that keep track of our vital signs.

These are smart watches that feature sensors which keep tracks of your calories burned, heart rate, distance walked or ran, or records your personal bests. It’s because of these things that make these essential if we want to monitor our body’s improvement for the betterment of our health.

Which is better in sports tracking?

Fitbit-Blaze-vs-Garmin-Vivoactive-Which-is-better-in-sports-trackingWhen it comes to sports tracking, the Garmin Vivoactive HR outweighs the Fitbit Blaze in almost all perspectives. It’s because the modes that the Viviactive has are more dedicated when it comes to sports. It’s swimming, running, biking, walking, golf, SUP ski, rowing, and XC ski, are specialized in a lot of ways.

It gives you more detail, and it’s better in giving you specialized information about the physical activity that you’re doing, and you want to be tracked. Compare that to the modest options that the Fitbit has, which included treadmill, weights, cycling, running, open workout, and elliptical.

Then there’s the battle between GPS. With the Fitbit Blaze, you need to carry with you a smartphone everywhere you want to go so you can use its connecting feature – the ConnectedGPS. That’s where Garmin Vivoactive beat Fitbit because it has its own built-in connectivity GPS feature.

Which has a better design?

Here is where Fitbit beats the Garmin – customization. The Fitbit Blaze is a highly customizable fitness watch, which is why it’s better than the Vivoactive regarding design. You can change the metal frame as well as the straps with the Blaze. So if you happen to be bored or get sick of the boring design you have, you can simple customize your watch, buy a new frame and strap, and click it into place.

That’s the whole idea of it, being able to make your watch truly yours. The Fitbit Blaze is now even compared to the Apple Watch when it comes to customization. What’s great about this is that there are a lot of Blaze accessories you can choose from.

There are straps which are meant for sports use. While there are also those that are made from leather and metal if you want to wear it during more formal occasions. Compare that to the Vivoactive’s unchangeable body and more conservative design.

Which has a better OS?

The biggest difference between the Fitbit Blaze and the Garmin Vivoactive is its way of presenting information. Sure, Garmin has the advantage thanks to its sleek Garmin Connect. However, that’s not what we’re talking about here because what we want to show is that Garmin presents a more detailed information to its user.

Yes, we won’t deny the fact that Garmin’s mobile app is a bit too dense, but it’s functional and very useful. Plus you’ve got multiple screens to look at. For some, it might be annoying, but for the many, this is exactly what they need. Runners and cyclists need to know a lot of details regarding their activity so that they can have a more in-depth assessment and review of their performance.

Though Fitbit Blaze’s OS is more user-friendly and intuitive, it doesn’t present to you a lot of details. You don’t have access to a lot of post workout feedback, and there’s no specific section to keep track of your workouts. If you’re a hardcore athlete, the Vivoactive is for you. But if you’re just up for some daily exercise to keep things nice and cool for you, the Fitbit Blaze is what you need.

Which is a better smartwatch?

Fitbit-Blaze-vs-Garmin-Vivoactive-Which-is-a-better-smartwatchThese fitness watches are smartwatches, which is why it’s also important to assess their smartwatch capabilities. Fitbit Blaze is way limited when it comes to notifications, having only SMS and those calendar notifications. This is a bit of a turn off considering that it already lacks a built-in GPS feature.

And there’s Garmin Vivoactive which is a jack of all trades kind of fitness watch. All of the notifications that show up on your phone will automatically show up in your watch. It’s what makes the whole connectivity thing better with the Vivoactive. Notifications are also very clear and readable. You can even check the last four notifications if you need to do a second check.

But then again, we can’t assess which is better when it comes to being a smartwatch. Why? It’s because it’s up to you if you’re going to need something that has everything, or something that has the important things buzzing up on you.


With all of these being said, it’s not that hard to say which the better fitness watch here is. Because if you’re a true fitness geek and you are a pro athlete, you need to have a more detailed and more specialized fitness monitoring system. And what fitness watch is that? Well, it’s the Garmin Vivoactive HR. It’s more accurate and has a multi-support system that’ll surely keep track of your vital signs in the finest way possible.

But it doesn’t mean that the Fitbit Blaze is rubbish because it’s not! It’s better looking, sleek, visually interesting, and perfect for people who want a stylish and less approach to fitness monitoring.

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