Hey guys, I’m Kevin Gray, a certified Personal Trainer and passionate gym buddy! Throughout my four years of experience as a personal trainer at Leo Fitness, I have learned a lot of things that relate to physical fitness and bodybuilding.

It’s not just all about the bookish and academic things that I have learned, but the practical ones as well. These personal experiences I’ve had gone through all paved the way for me to see the reality that fitness is the most important possession that we have.

This is the reason why we should make sure that we do the best of what we can to attain this kind of body. Frankly speaking, I’m not a health-conscious person before I entered my chosen career path.

I didn’t care about the things I eat and the activities I do. As long as I want it, I’ll do it, even if that means sacrificing my healthy physique. Junk foods, sleeping late at night, and sitting all day playing video games has been my life.

But all of that changed when I realized that my previous lifestyle doesn’t have any positive contribution on myself. That’s when I pursued the healthy life, and through the process, I became a physical trainer.

Funny isn’t it? That someone who’s as a douchebag like my previous self-turned into a physically fit and alpha-male looking man. I am surprised that I turned this way. But I’m happy that I discovered the truth, and that’s just what I continued doing over the past five years.

I’ve mastered my craft and discovered the best way to build up inner core, agility, balance, and body flexibility. By doing workout exercises and hitting the gym, I became more than just a physical trainer.

I became a passionate young man who wanted to be the best version of myself. And look what I have become now. This is what I wanted to impart to you that’s why I created this blog of mine. I believe that by sharing my experiences, thoughts, and skills that I have accumulated over my professional career as a personal trainer, I can change lives for the better.

Hopefully, you’ll see my blog posts as an inspiration that nothing is impossible. That someone as irresponsible as my previous self has turned into a healthy and fit man who’s ever more obliged to continue getting the perfect body.

You see, it’s all about feeling good deep inside. The better you feel inside of you, the more great things you can accomplish in your lifetime. That’s my secret, and that’s what I want to impart to you.

To make you feel good deep within by hitting the gym and religiously working out. Hard work equates to healthy living, which then leads to happy life. That’s what we all want, right? So what better way to start the positive change you want to see than to continue and read my blog posts. You’ll surely see how wonderful it is.

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